Avid Wonder Woman collector, soccer mom, proud wife of a US veteran, digital marketing geek and content strategist in the Dallas area. I enjoy teaching, coaching and creating practical marketing wins for my clients using on-camera and live stream video.

Creating  video content for online marketing can be grueling and time-consuming if you make the wrong choices, but it’s essential. You have so much going on already in your business!

That’s why it’s important to simplify video strategy and prioritize it correctly in your overall plan. I can help you do just that.

The Official Bio

For more than 10 years, Tanya Smith has been a noteworthy leader in content marketing. Often described as a "walking Google", Tanya’s experience and perspectives have been featured in video, radio, print, and well-known publications such as Marketing, Media and Money, Visionocity, and Bronze Magazine. 

Tanya has been a guest speaker for national organizations and events, delivering a world-wide simulcast for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), training for the University of Texas at Dallas executive coaching forum, companies like Alliance Data Systems (ADS), Rocks Digital - the largest regional social media conference of its kind, and more.

She's on a mission to take the mystery out of on-camera and live stream video to make it practical for every service business who wants to build a social brand. When she's not collecting Wonder Woman paraphernalia or testing out time-saving apps, you’ll find Tanya delivering weekly strategies to use more video at www.getnoticedwithvideo.com, on Facebook Live & on YouTube.

Tanya has recently been named in the top 150 Content Marketing Influencers You Need to Follow by Atomic Reach. Certified as a Money, Marketing & Soul Coach, 360Reach Analyst, Content & Digital Marketer, 22Social Design Expert and Social & Community Specialist, Tanya continues to stay on top of the ever-changing online landscape – staying current with the latest digital and social media marketing trends, providing expert information regarding best tactics for promotions, branding, and other key strategies for your online success using platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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