Avid Wonder Woman collector, soccer mom, proud wife of a US veteran, digital marketing geek and content strategist in the Dallas area. I enjoy teaching, coaching and creating practical marketing wins for my clients using on-camera and live stream video.

Creating  video content for online marketing can be grueling and time-consuming if you make the wrong choices, but it’s essential. You have so much going on already in your business!

That’s why it’s important to simplify video strategy and prioritize it correctly in your overall plan. I can help you do just that.

Why Video?

I'm an introvert. When I first started my coaching business I was the one who would be afraid to speak up at networking events. Even though I pushed passed the fear of starting a business, I was also the kind of person who would slide a flyer on your porch and run for the hills because I didn't want to be too 'sale-sy'.

So I didn't start out as excited about on-camera and live stream video as I am today. In fact, I ran from it.

When I finally decided to use more video marketing, it was because I recognized the marketplace was getting more and more crowded online. I wanted to find a way to serve more people. I just could not get anyone to look at my posts. It got so bad at one point, I decided to pack up my bags and just focus on working for somebody else.

But it didn't feel right. There were people who needed what I had to share. I needed a breakthrough to be more visible.

So I learned to 'feed the beast' - that's when you give a social platform what they want so you get what you want. And live stream video? That's where the magic is. ALL the social platforms want people to spend more time there and they all embrace live video because it keeps attention and eyeballs on the page.

So I sucked it up and decided to try live videos. I committed to an entire year of weekly lives. And doing more live videos skyrocketed my business and client sales.

After many trials and errors (and purchases) I realized I was making live stream video wayyy too hard. To fit it into my life, I needed to streamline BIG TIME. I figured out shortcuts, created a plan, invested in time-saving tools, and got to be very good at fitting live video into a crazy busy life and I found my flow. I freed up time so I could help my clients!

Embracing the camera can change your direction, help you build confidence, and generate more leads. But as a service provider you can't lose your focus - serving more people.

All of my programs and training are focused on how you can Simplify. Stream. Serve. And if I can help you integrate video into your business, it would be my honor to teach you what I've learned.

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