About Tanya Smith

Creating  video content for online marketing can be grueling and time-consuming, but it’s essential. That’s why it’s important to work smarter, not harder. I can help you do just that.

I first started working with entrepreneurs to help them promote their business online around 2010. I’d transferred to Dallas a few years before with a newborn baby girl right after 9/11 and it was difficult for my spouse to get his job to move him here from up north.

I remember being approached by a young woman while shopping at the mall. She talked to me about my corporate job and shared that if I worked for myself, I could have the freedom I wanted to live how and wherever I chose.

Although skeptical, I signed up for her direct sales company where I learned so much more than just sales. I learned how to present myself as an expert. And since I was still working my full-time role, I taught myself how to get leverage out of online tools and social media to expand my reach, starting with Twitter.

Through the power of online courses and using video, I was able to reach people across the world and to sell more than just products – I sold ideas. I discovered I had a gift of teaching, coaching and strategy building. More and more of my entrepreneurial friends would ask me how I was doing it and maintaining a full-time corporate gig (which I still do).

Eventually, over the years, I narrowed down my focus and created my own business where I get to work with amazing people teaching them how to leverage visually engaging content (including strategic video) to build a brand online and market their services.

The Official Bio

Tanya Smith is a highly credentialed online marketing & content strategy consultant working with service-based businesses to promote their brand and expertise through visually engaging content marketing. Founder of Mindfully Marketing, Tanya has recently launched Get Noticed with Video as a branch focused on video-based content branding and promotion.

Often described as a “walking Google”, Tanya’s experience and marketing perspectives have been featured in radio, print, and a number of well-known digital publications such as Visionocity and Bronze Magazine.

Tanya Smith has been a guest speaker for various national organizations and events, having the honor of delivering a world-wide simulcast for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), as well as delivering training about online branding and marketing systems for the University of Texas at Dallas’ executive coaching “Expert Forum”. She’s been a guest facilitator at Alliance Data Systems (ADS) and delivered two breakout presentations at the Rocks Digital Conference in Dallas, Texas – the largest regional social media event of its kind.

Tanya has recently been named in the top 150 Content Marketing Influencers You Need to Follow by Atomic Reach. Certified as a Money, Marketing & Soul Coach, 360Reach Analyst, Content & Digital Marketer, 22Social Design Expert and Social & Community Specialist, Tanya continues to stay on top of the ever-changing online landscape – staying current with the latest digital and social media marketing trends, providing expert information regarding best tactics for promotions, branding, and other key strategies for your online success using platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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