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Tanya Smith Signature


I'm Tanya Smith, Video Coach for Service Providers

We help coaches, consultants, and course creators leverage on-camera content with practical strategies and tools so you can serve more clients, stand out & sell more services.


I've Been Coaching Since 2007

I absolutely love working with amazing people who know their brand and their audience, but you want to figure out how to add video to your marketing mix!  Video can be a powerful way to connect people to your brand and ultimately, to your free and paid offers.

I first got into doing live streaming video when I recognized how invisible my brand was becoming on social media. I decided to commit to doing weekly lives for an entire year and I developed an entire system for selling my services & growing my audience!

my foundation

What Core Skills I Share with My Clients


Confidence Building

Exploring techniques and practical ways to get more courage to do on-camera videos. Identifying self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from speaking on a virtual stage. Applying courage 'boosters' to elevate your energy and get you ready to create videos more habitually with your full authentic self on display. 

content creation icon

Content Creation

Tips, apps and tools to design creatives, make simple video edits and repurpose your content for maximum visibility. Developing your Most Valuable Video Viewer (MVV) profile. Vetting new viewers and learning techniques to avoid toxic ones so you create a supportive engaging community.


Consistency Systems

Applying personalized checklists and adopting workflows so you never miss a crucial step for recording, whether doing live streaming or pre-recorded video content. Building out your personal editorial calendar to know exactly what and when you plan to record. 

customer conversion

Conversion to Clients

Mapping out different types of video formats according to your customers' buying journey. Collecting feedback, measurement and engagement tactics. Honing in on the right call-to-action (CTA) phrases that will drive your viewers to the next step in your sales process.

pam reaves testimonial

"Tanya, what can I say? You are amazing! You're very knowledgeable and resourceful. Your calm demeanor is so encouraging and gives me the motivation I need to do live video with confidence. Thank you!"


featured in

Social Media Examiner

Rocks Digital

Marketing Media & Money Magazine

EO On Fire Podcast

Visionocity Magazine



Check Out My Testimonials

I am blessed to work with some amazing people. Check out this page for referrals and testimonials of other coaches & consultants I've worked with on video strategies.

MY CORE belief

Having the Courage to Get On Camera Pays Off!

When I decided to commit to doing live stream video content, it opened more doors than I could imagine!



I learned to create a more credible brand by speaking fully in the power of my expert knowledge.

personal growth

Personal Growth

I not only became courageous on video, but also in other areas of life & business.



I was able to attract and engage a repeat audience that turned into a loving community.


Take A Look At Our Programs

You are amazing at what you do! But why don't more people know about it? And why are you spinning your wheels on social media with no return on your time investment? Video can be a powerful way to connect people to your brand and ultimately, to your free and paid offers.

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