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I Grew My Own Business After Overcoming the Fear of Video

When I first started my coaching business I was the one who would be afraid to speak up at networking events. I was also the kind of person who would slide a flyer on your porch, then run because I didn't want to be too 'sale-sy'. 

Video was the LAST thing on my mind for marketing my business. But then I recognized something that a mentor told me over and over again...sometimes you have to do what others won't in order to get what others don't.

Embracing the camera changed my career and led me to work more with my favorite clients. 


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I have devoured all of Tanya’s content and have learned a great deal. I am in the process of creating a better social media strategy based on the tips she provided. I, too, am a busy professional with a business on the side and was feeling overwhelmed with how to create content and her tips really helped me to focus on what I can do to elevate my content in bite-size without losing the quality. Thanks Tanya for the great content! 

Nickquolette Barrett

Founder, IRockResumes

Loved the clear, focused personal 5-step approach. What made this different than most programs was Tanya’s ability to engage participants. Her program helped me refocus my branding direction, which in essence, refocuses my business direction! I can see how applying these elements of her program will not only make my business life more profitable, but more enjoyable as well. Thank you Tanya!

Susan Cook

Career Coach, Career Crossroad

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