We simplify on-camera and live stream video for service providers so you can help more people with paid offers

Using video can help you create more conversation spaces for you and your ideal clients. Don't hold back due to lack of confidence, consistency or content. We can help you simplify on-camera video strategy to fill seats for your service business.

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I Grew My Own Business After Overcoming the Fear of On-Camera & Live Video

As an introvert, I really never thought that video would be a go-to for my marketing plan. But I kept seeing the social platforms focus on video content. So I committed to trying it out for a year, delivering a weekly live stream at least once a week! Wow, that changed everything. Now I know if you aren't using on-camera video you could be missing out on a powerful way to get noticed. Our programs equip you to leverage more video for better visibility & reach. 


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Sonya Moore of Moore Planning & Consulting, LLC

Virginia St. Hilaire of Virginia's Health Lifestyle

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