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I help service businesses build and strengthen their personal brands by leveraging effective live streaming strategies on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube

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I work with service businesses to design a video content marketing strategy to grow audience engagement, build your brand & increase trust with your ideal audience.


We meet regularly with an amazing community of service-based business owners who are pursuing easy content marketing & creation strategies that help you get more visibility.


My on-demand & interactive programs help you create a video marketing strategy that speaks directly to your ideal audience, using proven techniques to engae them.

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I too struggled to get noticed online

Increasingly frustrated with all the effort I was putting into social media content, I decided to go live every week for an entire year & live streaming consistently was a game changer!

After almost deciding to give up my business, my visibility skyrocketed, clients showed up, more speaking and teaching opportunities came to me. The days of chasing an audience were over and I was able to get noticed with video!

"I'm on a mission to help service provider brands  find their voice and get noticed with video."

I believe that every woman coach/creator has the right to be seen and heard - online and offline, regardless of skin color, age, gender, physical abilities. There are no boundaries to our creative energy and video is the vehicle to carry our voices where they can be noticed and respected. My mission is to be an encourager; to help my clients see possibilities with video marketing they otherwise would have missed.

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About Tanya Smith

I love working with service businesses on strategy!

As a creative consultant, coach, and video marketing strategist, the thing that drives me is to help other business owners to finally feel empowered to show up and be amazing! My experience has taught me that while some choose not to do video, those who do the things that others won't get the opportunities that others don't!

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