Want to do more live videos but don't know how?

Learn a simple step-by-step process to do live streaming video in just 5 days! Turn your knowledge into engaging conversations with your perfect audience and create a path directly to your offers. And you don't have to do it alone. I'm with you.


Join the Let's Go Live Challenge

I will teach you the same strategy I started with to successfully grow my own social media brand after doing a live stream every week for an entire year.

By challenging myself, I earned incredible results. Even growing my Youtube by +123%!

What if I could teach you how to do live video with simplicity and ease?

...Discover the SECRET, SUPER SIMPLE 5-STEP process that will dramatically increase your confidence and knowledge about how to go live

...Systematically focus on your topic using my phenomenal "5 E's" so that what you say is clear & relevant to your audience

...Take advantage of the intimate space and support system we have built into the challenge so you can practice and build your 'video muscle' in 5 days

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Let's Go Live Challenge

What is it? The Let's Go Live Challenge is an interactive, 5-day small group incubator designed to help women coaches, consultants, and course creators to take action and bring your dream of doing more on-camera videos to life!

How does this work? During the challenge, you’ll work with me and a small group of other challengers daily to walk through the following 5 essential steps to carve out a clear path toward a purposeful and profitable on-camera video brand.

In the morning, you'll have a prepared video lesson (< 10 minutes) to watch along with a short assignment. In the evening, we will meet in our private Zoom classroom where I'll go over questions, shower you with encouragement, and share resources you need to complete your lessons.

Why You Need to Do More Live Streaming Video!

Improve Brand Awareness & Recognition

Develop Deeper Connections with your Audience

Grow Your Fanbase on Social Media

Build Authority and Credibility in your Expertise

Move Lurkers to Become Leads More Quickly

Look, we've cracked the code...

You can take all the courses in the world, but what we know is that knowledge can’t replace focused action. This is not just another online course where we leave you on your own, while the content collects dust. I'm in this with you!

Live stream videos offer an intimate-feeling means of connection with your viewers, giving them a more genuine feel than other marketing channels.

Hearing and seeing someone speak has a deeper impact on audience members, especially when they’re considering how to make purchase decisions.

Alyssa Downey

A Healthy Life Coaching

This challenge was very well put together. It was at a pace that you can successfully complete and digest the task. The instructions were clear and concise and Tanya was extremely knowledgeable about all the subject matter.

what you get

Here's how the Let's Go Live Challenge works:

Let's do a quick rundown of what every member gets with your ticket in...

Step 1: On-Demand Training

  • On-demand training on the 5 Key Steps every would-be live stream creator needs to make in order to be truly successful
  • A safe, intimate space with other like-minded service providers seeking to get more confident on camera

Step 2: Supporting Worksheets

  • Our unique digital worksheets and assignments for each lesson, designed to help you create momentum and clarity on exactly how to bring your live stream game to life

Step 3: Live Q&A Sessions

  • Daily live Meetup sessions with yours truly — after years of creating and doing live stream videos consistently, I don’t think there’s a question I haven’t heard! Bring your questions, get encouragement and get the feedback you need

Check out this video of another one of our amazing challenge finishers.

Ethel Wills

Legal Nurse Consultant

I recently completed the 5-day challenge course with Tanya Smith. It was such an amazing and rewarding experience. Tanya reduced my anxieties by the manner in which she taught the sessions. I actually did a video-my first! She made the steps simple, and I now feel I am ready for the next video.

A Message From Your Coach

Hey my friend! The strategies I’m teaching in this challenge are the same ones I applied to grow my own brand online with video!

I figured this out the hard way through tons of trial and error, but you can skip that painful learning curve and jump straight to the action.

My hope is that you will learn & apply every step. This is exactly what you need to do more live video - with greater purpose and by using the right systems.

See you in the challenge!


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