Practical Tips for More Engaging Video Content

Watch the short video below to learn a little more about why Tanya Smith became a video marketing coach why she started using live streaming for business.

Why you should work with me...

Benefit 1 - I'm Honest

I am honest and genuine with you. When we work together, you won't get a bunch of fluff or 'extra'.  I have a knack for communicating with sincerity and simple terms.

Benefit 2 - I'm A Geek

My background as a corporate analyst, instructional designer and social media marketing manager offer a unique blend of both tech and teaching tools.

Benefit 3 - I Solve Problems

As an solution finder & introvert, I love more intimate, deeper connections with my clients; therefore coaching is the perfect environment for you to get answers.

How to Get Started

If you are interested to get started in live streaming or other forms of video to build your brand, elevate your online game, and showcase yourself as the confident professional you truly are --- we might be a fit. 

Scroll below to learn more about our process. I hope we can work together to co-create something amazing for you and your business!

Ready to start?

This short checklist will help you work through next steps.

How to work with me

Step one

Make a decision

Being committed to using video in your business starts first with the decision that you are willing to learn how. You can be afraid, you can start without knowing all the steps. That’s what I’m here for.

Step two

Schedule a Discovery Call

To learn more about how our programs can help you build greater confidence, develop a content strategy, and begin to grow your engaged audience, book a private call with me. During this time, we’ll talk about your business and if I think I can share solutions, I’ll share options on the best way for us to work together.

Step three

Show commitment

When you commit to a program, the important thing to reach your goals is to SHOW UP for yourself. Do the work, be disciplined, and you will reap the rewards! I’ll provide the track for you to run on.

Step four

Transformation complete

You will feel more courageous on camera, more clear about how video can serve your business, and much more confident in using visual media to grow your brand! I can’t wait for you to be our next success story. 

Multiple paths to start live streaming...

Our Community

Get involved in our free online network. Check out our content and live training every week!

Group Programs

Take an online course, join the academy, or be part of the next webinar to learn tactics for doing video.

1:1 Coaching

Get clarity about a results-based strategy to convert viewers into leads and ultimately, paying clients.

Happy customers

lori barkus

Lori Barkus


Tanya is exceptional! She has great insights into marketing as well as individuals. Highly responsive and super helpful as well. I highly recommend working with Tanya or attending her seminars. I did both and was extremely pleased.

Get Noticed with Video has built my confidence to Go Live with a plan and share my brilliance with the world.


Charlene Day

Communications Strategist


Terra E Purnell

The Backhouse, Daytona

Tanya made the process of going live in my business very easy. The Let's Go Live Challenge provided a simple repeatable process for planning video for our business. Thank you Tanya!

Tanya is PHENOMENAL!! I've taken several classes with her including a bootcamp and I've learned sooo much about video and content creation! She is very knowledgeable and will make sure you understand the content being shared. Thank you Tanya for all you do!

delayna watkins

Delayna Watkins

The Wellness Mayven