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Tanya Smith

Hey there, I want to share a really cool Chrome extension with you called YouTube Summary for ChatGPT that I’m enjoying and making regular use of.

It basically generates a summary of YouTube videos, and you can install it on Chrome or Safari. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll see a little icon up top that says YouTube Summary for ChatGPT. You can use prompts to generate a transcript and summary of the video with time stamps and bullet points, making it easy to create social media content.

The extension is currently in beta version and can be found at: https://tanyasmith.link/ytsummarychatgpt

Key Takeaways about YouTube Summary for ChatGPT

  • YouTube Summary for ChatGPT is a Chrome extension that generates a summary of YouTube videos.
  • You can use prompts to generate a transcript and summary with time stamps and bullet points.
  • The extension is in beta version and currently free.
  • You can use the summary to create social media content, such as Instagram captions.
  • The transcript can also be copied and pasted into other formats, such as a Google Doc
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