Live Stream Video is an absolutely reliable way to get noticed

Watch this to learn about the opportunity that exists for Service Providers to be more visible regardless of age, race, personality, or size in 2023 and beyond.

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  • Your Signature Stream is a 90 Day 1:1 coaching  program that gives you the custom roadmap, practical strategies, tactics, and mentorship to build a video-centric brand and business.
  • Personalized to meet your life, your style and time choices
  • Talk to the people you are most likely to help be being on camera
  • Convert your videos into content that keeps you top of mind
  • Massively shortcut information overload & implement your plan

who this is for

Your Signature Stream is for you if you are a Coach who wants to earn more income, build a results-driven content strategy using video, and create an authentic, magnetic brand that attracts your best audience and gets you noticed.

you may be struggling...

  • To find techniques that support you as a woman who may be underestimated due to age, color, size, or personality (I too am an introvert...doesn't matter)
  • To leverage video in a way that feels authentic and true to who you are (because so many programs don't target people who look like you)
  • To make your video content  align within your overall business strategy so that it's easier to execute...and you don't give up!
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Imagine if you could...

Confidently create engaging conversations on camera

Doing live stream video gives you opportunities to be in front of people who trust & love what you have to say

Establish a system so you only create once & multiply

Just because your recorded the live - the content doesn't end there. You can repurpose into other forms

Know exactly what topics will resonate with video

Our scheduling system helps you identify your best 'pillars' so you always have something to share

Design a studio setup that shows off your brilliance

Show up on camera like a professional even if you don't have expensive equipment

inside Our 90-Day Coaching Program

This program is designed to help you to  create a recurring live stream video broadcast that engages your ideal audience and increases visibility for your brand so you can reach and serve more people. We strategize bi-weekly over 12 weeks with implementation time and a planned live video you will deliver on your platforms in between each call (don't worry - I will show you how). Perks include:

Kickstart Session

You'll get clear on your outcome for the program, identify your 'profit centers' and prepare for the wins that will come from you showing up and committing to the results

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6 Private Coaching Calls

You will see tangible results and feel supported in every session with Tanya. Begin to break through blocks as you implement practical strategies, coaching & direct advice

Graphics Support

Get Tanya's high-converting graphic skills and suggestions as she reviews your video branding so you can attract more new viewers and align your look to your business

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Unlimited Access

Get your questions "how do I...?" answered, report victories, stay accountable. We use the Volley app so you feel connected & supported throughout your progream

Video Assignments

Between each strategic coaching session, you'll have assignments w/instructions to help you build your 'video muscle' and also begin to engage your own live audience

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Worksheets & Toolkits

Use our handouts, checklists, mindmaps, and worksheets to apply strategies as you learn them. Get your thoughts out of your head and on paper to stay organized

Is this right for you?

This is for you if...

  • You are clear on your offer: This is for Coaches who have clarity about what you sell and deliver to your clients
  • You believe in leaving the garage before all the lights are green:  You don't know what's ahead, but you're willing to try something new and experiment to find what works
  • Willing to let go of perfection:  It may be rocky at first, but doing video imperfectly is what helps you up your game
  • You believe in Excellence: You are committed to showing up to wear your role proudly as a Coach and a Marketer 
  • Performance: You are committed to achieving the goals set, turning on the camera, and doing the work
  • Servant leader: You are driven to build an audience and a loyal community. You want to make a positive impact

This is NOT for you if...

  • You hate creating video content: We only want to work with people who genuinely are willing to get on camera 
  • You are not clear on your business identity: If you don't yet know that your offer is something people want, you have to backtrack and get clear on this first
  • You know everything there is to know: I can't help you if you're not open to learning and making mistakes
  • You hate change and want overnight results: Not for you if you’re looking to get 1k's followers with minimal work
  • Not a fan of tech or social media: We want to work with people who don't need to be convinced of the value
  • Your marketing is all about you: Our preferred clients are in this to generate revenue, but also to offer value

They Say

WHAT our clients say

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I'm tanya smith

Out of a sense of loss and desperation, I was ready to give up my side gig as a business coach a few years ago. My social profiles were dying and it seemed stupid to continue to try when I had a full-time job.

But something happened – I stepped out and decided to try doing something ‘crazy’. I made a silent commitment to go live at least once a week for a year to see what would happen. Doing this and staying disciplined helped me to grow both professionally and personally in many ways.

Today, I have the privilege to deliver a weekly live video show that streams to multiple platforms all over the world. And quiet, invisible me – I get to encourage women who struggle with their looks, size, age (#allthelabels) to be more bold and test the waters of live streaming for their own growth.


Select applicants will get my full attention + 15 years of business experience to help you reset your mindset & leverage video strategically so you can be seen on video as the Boss you truly are. 

*On the next page,  complete a short questionnaire about your business & book a private Discovery Call to confirm this is the right fit.