December 10

How to Record Your First 3 Videos

When you’re just starting out with video as a business owner, your first 3 videos matter. Of course, eventually you want to use your videos to drive people to a sale, but first you have to help potential leads become aware of your brand and a great place to start is with 3 essential videos.

Today’s topic is going to outline exactly where your first 3 videos for business should be focused. This content will be essential when it comes to explaining your business brand to people who don’t know you.

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The content strategy for your first 3 videos

  1. About Us – In this video, you will talk about who you are, why you’re passionate about your business topic, how you got started, and perhaps, a lesson you’ve learned. This video should only take 3-5 mins max. In fact, all three of the videos we’re covering will be short, concise and to the point. You don’t want to turn your viewers away; this is about creating interest and awareness for your brand.
  2. Contact Us – This video should explain how people get in touch (e.g. discovery call? phone number? website/social messengers?). It should also tackle, at a high level, why should they get in touch. What do you offer and what is the biggest pain point your solutions help to resolve?
  3. FAQs – Finally, what are some of the most common questions people tend to ask you about your business or your expertise? For instance, people ask what results I get and I tell them that teaching video for beginners helps my clients build confidence, it helps them get momentum and plan for doing live streams, and it brings more visibility to their social media profiles. In this video, you can also tackle a big picture overview of your main strategy or process (without giving too much information away for free). This should become a quick resource you can refer to when prospects are checking out your website or blog.

A few more tips for your first 3 videos

  • Keep the content relevant: Have a clear idea of what you want to talk about. You don’t need to script your whole video, but you may want to jot down a few notes or talking points according to the purpose for each video. Remember, don’t go longer than 5 minutes. Keep it concise!
  • Practice ahead of time: If the thought of going live makes you nervous, remember you can always run through your video a few times before you actually go live. (You can also set the privacy setting to “Only Me” to do a private video for practice if you’re testing things out on Facebook Live.)
  • Be interactive: You can see comments come up once your video is published. Be sure to respond to people and let them know their comments matter.

Once you have recorded and published your first 3 videos, you can begin to gain momentum for doing more and more. I’m excited to see what you come up with, so be sure to reach out and let us know how you’re doing! You are invited to grab my free scripts below to help you outline what you want to say.

Happy recording!

how to record your first 3 videos


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