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Why You Should Consider Videos In Your Email Marketing Ep018

The Importance Of Including Videos In Your Emails 

Did you know that including a video in your emails has been found to increase click-through rates by as much as 96 percent?

In today’s digital landscape, it’s more challenging than ever for brands to connect with their audiences. 

Not only is the competition fierce, but consumers are constantly bombarded by advertisements, newsletters, emails, and other marketing that they’re more suspicious than ever when it comes to trusting brands. 

Therefore, it’s crucial that brands leverage as much of their online real estate as possible, which involves including videos in your emails. 

By doing so, you’ll be able to leverage the persuasive power of email marketing while also building and nurturing customer relationships and promoting your products or services simultaneously! 

Below, we’re looking at the importance of including videos in your emails and why you should start doing this today! 

Increasing Click-Through Rates

The first and most important reason why videos should be an integral part of your email campaigns is to increase the click-through and conversion rates. 

My research has shown that including videos in your emails can increase your click-through rates by as much as 300%! 

But now, you’re probably wondering why adding a video can make such a difference. 

The simple answer is because people are curious! 

In other words, when they see a video in their email, they’re more likely to wonder, “Why is there a video in this email?” or, “I wonder what this video is about.” 

Plus, when that video tells them to click on a link or to perform a particular call-to-action, they’re more likely to do so simply to find out what it’s all about. 

Even adding a simple two or three-word call-to-action to your videos, such as, “Buy now!” or “Click here to subscribe,” will create a sense of urgency, which is known to help with decision fatigue, in turn, increasing the likelihood that the viewer will follow through. 

Building Trust And Authenticity

Secondly, using videos in your email campaigns is practically guaranteed to help build trust and authenticity between you and your audience. 

Engaging and communicating with my audience is precisely why I decided to create my Video VIPs community. 

No matter how you look at it, the use of video will help expand any existing trust between you and your subscribers and build that trust into credibility. 

One study showed that 82% of respondents felt a greater sense of trust with brands that had video content. 

Virtually anyone can write out emails and hide outside of view. 

But when you show yourself talking, live, on video, it shows you as an authentic professional who truly knows what they’re talking about. 

Saving Time

Finally, the third benefit of using videos in your emails is that it will save you and your audience time. 

For you, rather than typing out, editing and formatting lengthy emails, you’ll be able to simply use any existing video resources you have and add them directly to your emails. 

Secondly, rather than reading through those lengthy emails, your viewers can simply click and watch your video, skimming through as needed. 

In today’s world, people are busier than ever with work, school, kids, family, friends, etc. 

So do yourself and your viewers a favour, and use videos as a way to enhance your email campaigns, improve your conversion rates, and make yourself into the authentic, knowledgeable professional that you genuinely are! 

About the author 

Tanya Smith

Video Marketing Coach Tanya Smith works with coaches, course creators & other service providers equipping them to ‘embrace their face’ on video so they can stand out online, serve more people, and sell more of their services. Watch weekly on YouTube and Facebook as she shares strategies & tools to empower her audience to stream like a boss!

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