If you’re using social media as a way to get in front of your audience and get your message out there, then you should be using video on these platforms. Statistics show that users prefer seeing a live stream over a brand’s social media post, and companies that use video features grow revenue faster than non-video users. Video is king, and if this is how your audience wants to consume information, then you should be in this space.

Now, when it comes to using video, you have the option of using pre-recorded videos or live streams. I’ve talked before about why I prefer live stream over pre-recorded videos, but now I want to talk about some benefits of creating a recurring live stream show.  

1. Greater Visibility in Chosen Social Platforms

Every social media platform now has an option for live streaming, and they have made it clear that they prioritize live streams in their feeds. One reason for this is that live videos keep people engaged in their space longer. Instead of reading a single social media post, clicking a link and going somewhere else, consumers are staying on that platform a little bit longer to watch videos.

So, you’re going to get more visibility in the feeds of your chosen social media platforms when you choose to try live streaming. If you do this regularly, your visibility will continue to rise.

2. Stay in Front of Your Audience Consistently

Recurring live streams allow you to create a system where you are consistently showing yourself to be a credible expert, and you can leverage that type of episodic approach to create something reliable for your community. When your audience knows that they can rely on you to be present at a certain date and time, they’ll begin to anticipate your future live streams because they enjoy the fact that they know you’re going to be there answering questions and bringing practical information to them.

3. Engage on a Deeper and More Relevant Level

Live video gives you the opportunity to really connect with your audience, to answer their questions, and to acknowledge them on a more personal level. This engagement will help develop a relationship with your people and encourage them to return to you.

One of the biggest benefits besides the engagement factor is that you create a habit of putting yourself out in front of the people that you most want to work with. When you’re trying to market your business as a coach, consultant, or course creator, this is incredibly important. A recurring live stream show will give you a way to reliably increase your visibility while strengthening your relationships with your target audience.

About the Author

Tanya Smith helps service providers use on-camera video to build an interactive brand that connects with their audience.  For more than a decade, she has been a noteworthy leader in content marketing. Her experience and perspectives have been featured in video, radio, print, and on stage as a guest speaker for national organizations and events.

When Tanya is not collecting Wonder Woman paraphernalia, you’ll find her sharing weekly strategies and apps to simplify video content on the blog, on Facebook Live and Youtube.

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