Design Your Video Content Marketing Strategy in a Private VIP Day with Me

Get personalized help to plan all the logistics of your video blueprint!

Your Fast Track to Success in 2021 Might Just Be Video

This is a unique 1-on-1 opportunity to work with me on YOUR Business and position how you can use video to accomplish what you want

With so many people working from home and spending time online, there is plenty of competition out there. But this doesn't mean you still can't STAND OUT.

You have to differentiate yourself and video is an incredible way to do this, while you attract people who appreciate you for who you really are.

Video helps shorten the period of know-like-trust which is crucial to influence people to buy!

Recent stats show that:

  • Facebook Live videos get 10x more comments than regular videos
  • It is estimated that Facebook live videos get 64 billion views per day
  • Facebook live videos are 20% more likely to have more share, likes, and engagement

When I committed to doing a live show every week for an entire year it changed my business dramatically. Before that no one was viewing my text-based posts or beautiful images on my Facebook page that I worked so hard on! It felt like such a big waste of time.

Once I delivered my live video show on the regular, it took me from consistently grinding and hoping to getting noticed, to delivering more focused, relevant content, building incredible conversations that turned lurkers into leads, and leads into booked seats in my programs and workshops!

No matter your goal you too can use video as a marketing tool to get there!

Introducing Video VIP Days 

My VIP Intensives are Private Coaching marathons over 5 hours, where you and I work together to design a video strategy intended to focus on one of the following three tracks:

  1. Create Your Video Content Editorial Calendar
  2. Design a Video Course to Share Your Expertise
  3. Develop a Complete Sales Strategy with Video

What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You will go from feeling unprepared and out of your element, to feeling fully equipped and ready to rock with video! You get a clear roadmap to get to your end result. Plus, you will learn how to position yourself as an expert with a realistic, consistent schedule that suits your personality!

Your day comes with:

  • An audit of your existing brand and marketing systems prior to our VIP Day
  • 30 minute Kickstart Clarity Session to define expected outcomes
  • An exclusive 'goodie bag' shipped to you to help you get ready for the day
  • Virtual Strategy Intensive in my private Zoom conference room (5 hours)
  • You take home a full recording & mindmap of actionable notes from the 1/2 day session
  • Follow-up session in 30 days of our VIP Day for specific implementation questions
  • 30 Days of post-day email/IM support (for questions/tech issues)

How to Get Started

Here is a high-level overview of how to get scheduled for your VIP Day with me.


Step 1: Choose your path
  • Are you struggling with consistency? Need a video calendar?
  • Are you struggling to create an online video course?
  • Are you struggling to get clear on using video to sell your offer?


Step 2: Confirm your payment plan
  • You choose your payment plan path on the next page:
  • One-time fee or optional 4-pay plan


Step 3: Schedule Your VIP date & time
  • Book your Kickstart Clarity call to set goals & walk through your game plan
  • Set up your 5 hour VIP day so you have dedicated time w/o interruptions


Step 4: Work the plan
  • Execute the action plan we co-create for your video content
  • We work through implementation questions in a 30 minute closing call

Here’s what people are saying about Tanya


Delayna Watkins

The Wellness Maven

Tanya is PHENOMENAL!! I've taken several classes with her including a bootcamp and I've learned sooo much about video and content creation! She is very knowledgeable and will make sure you understand the content being shared


Susie Briscoe

Executive Life Coach

"Tanya is so clear and professional in her teaching... it's a no brainer to listen, watch and learn!"


Sean Brown


"Tanya is very professional and friendly. Our initial call was informative as she patiently listened to my challenges, concerns, and ideas. Her experience in the field positions her as a leader in video content."

Who is this for

Who Is the VIP Day Program Right For?

It's perfect for coaches or consultants, speakers and trainers - as well as other service providers who enjoy nurturing and engaging with their target audience online and through social media.

 If you feel that you are in a place where you are ready to truly grow your business and plan your strategy to get there in a FOCUSED ENVIRONMENT, this may be for you. Just choose the track you want to run on: editorial calendar? sales strategy? course-building?

To start the interview process for this unique opportunity schedule your Discovery Call below.

Meet Your Coach, Tanya Smith

Tanya is on a mission to take the mystery out of on-camera and live stream video, to make it practical for every service business who wants to build a social brand. When she's not collecting Wonder Woman paraphernalia or testing out time-saving apps, you’ll find Tanya delivering weekly strategies to use more video on her website at, on Facebook, and Youtube.

tanya smith focus photo
tanya smith about photo

What More People Say About Working with Tanya

Pam Reaves, Certified Leadership Coach

"Tanya, what can I say? You are amazing! You're very knowledgeable and resourceful. Your calm demeanor is so encouraging and gives me the motivation I need to do live video with confidence. Thank you!"

Pam Reaves, Founder & CEO, Pam Reaves Coaching & Consulting LLC

Don't Miss This Opportunity for Private Coaching to Help You Use Video More Strategically!

On confirmation of your focus - editorial calendar, course-building, or selling strategy  - get access to available payment links, a series of short questions, & my personal calendar to reserve your half-day with me. 

video VISIBILITY calendar



Be more consistent with a realistic editorial calendar.




Use video content to create an online course.




Leverage live stream video to sell a service.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

We want you to be satisfied, so coaching programs purchased with Get Noticed with Video can be refunded within a limited time. For whatever reason, if you are unhappy with a program, you can request a refund as long as you send it in writing within 24 hours of our pre-strategy 'clarity' session - no questions asked.

Not sure if this is right for you?

Book a free consult with me first and let's talk about your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program suitable for new entrepreneurs?

If you are just starting out and don't have much content it will be more difficult to get momentum in these advanced programs. Since we are focusing on a specific offer you need to know your ideal client and exactly what you are selling before participating in this program. That will be a central focus for your video efforts.

Do I need to buy any equipment or apps?

In the sessions, I will share my favorite apps and devices, along with pricing and even some links BUT I will stress to you the importance of evaluating your own budget. I'll give you options to use what you have and to upgrade, when you're ready.

How long will it take to see results?

Look, I'm not going to be fake with you and promise results.  I can promise this - You will walk away from each intensive call with action items to complete. It's up to you to commit to being present and accountable for your success, but I'll be there to help support you and you will have a 30 minute follow-up call with me within 6 weeks of your VIP day.

How do I get access to you?

You will be provided with my email, my messenger account and my mobile phone to use within 30 days of your coaching program.  Email or IM through messenger is quickest way to connect.

Get Noticed with Video

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