Attention: women coaches, consultants, course creators

Streambosses Academy

Consistently create engaging video content so you can establish brand authority & attract your perfect leads!

this is a creator community for women service providers 

Why Streambosses Academy? Ready to finally use video to build your online brand? Struggling to get noticed on social media or ... anywhere? READ ON...

does this sound like you?


You don't have enough ideas on what to talk about and where to start


You're feeling like creating video content might be just another waste of time (ain't nobody got time for that)


You're afraid that you can't hold attention with video (or scrap that...will anyone show up in the first place?)


 You feel unprepared and not confident that you'll look like the professional on camera you want people to see


 You're experiencing a sense of overwhelm about video creation. It all seems too complicated

imagine if...

  • you had the support of other like-minded superwomen just like you
  • you could create amazing, magnetic video content for your audience
  • you didn't have to feel so alone trying to figure things out
  • you grew to become the powerhouse presence you always knew you were; now on video!


Streambosses Academy

Streambosses Academy is a group membership program designed for service providers who are ready to be part of a supportive, resourceful community where we create more purposeful videos that drive leads and sales.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to do it on your own - the books, the online courses, the summits, and on and on... this is different because it is designed specifically with coaches, consultants and course creators in mind.

You need quick and simple tips to implement that get a quick return, so you can continue to expand your reach and serve more people!

what people say about working with Tanya...

in Streambosses Academy, you'll get access to:

...a monthly membership where you get group coaching, video content creator days, and a growing library of tools and resources to create more high-value content systematically. See below for the perks of this program!

Themed Training & Coaching Calls

Themed group training & coaching calls where you learn a new strategy and creative techniques to use video for branding and marketing. You will learn actual tactics (how-to) for leveraging live streaming platforms, video testimonials, creating high-converting blogs, engaging video emails, repurposing videos with ease, user-generated video content and so much more. Each strategy call will start with training and end with open Q&A

Call Replays

Recording of every call for each training since we know there will be instances where you can't meet live for the group training calls. No worries - I got your back. We will record every video call so you can watch according to your busy schedule when you can't join in live

Members-Only Community

Exclusive members-only dashboard and summary page which are Secure, Password Protected areas reserved just for you so you can download any materials, watch replays and access extra educational content

Resource & Training Library

Resource & training library where you can access our growing digital resources collected throughout the program to help you confidently make the right choices for your video creation budget at whatever stage your business is in

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Emily Wong, Career Coach

is Streambosses Academy right for you?

Who Is This For? Streambosses Academy is a group membership program designed for service providers who are ready to be part of a supportive, resourceful community where we create more purposeful videos that drive leads and sales.

Who Is This NOT For? The Academy is not for you if you have no business strategy, and you aren't quite sure how you want to use video. If your brand is not defined, it will be harder to create videos for a specific audience.

About Me

i'm tanya smith

I've been coaching and training for 15+ years in the online marketing space. I LOVE making complex marketing concepts streamlined to help you GET NOTICED!

What if creating videos was so much easier because you finally have the support you need to create the kind of content that reaches the people you most want to work with? What if it was fun to do and not hard? What if you felt good about how you showed up on camera?

When you have support, guidance and tools from an experienced content marketer, it can be much easier than you think to create more engaging content.

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streaming video tanya

a note from Tanya, your academy facilitator & guide

Hey friend! You should know — the strategies I’m teaching in this program are a deeper dive than what we share in our weekly live streams.

I figured out many things the hard way through YEARS of trial and error, but you can skip that painful learning curve and jump straight to success. I've got your back!

So I hope you’ll join me, do the work, and surprise yourself with how much you can accomplish and how much momentum we can create together!

frequently asked questions


Short version? It's a membership program solely focused on helping you create more & better video content. Periodt... + We're good at it!


Yes, but within a group capacity - not 1:1. If you need more personalized strategy and consulting, there are programs for this as well.


No worries. It's a monthly program. Cancel at any time if you no longer find it valuable to your business goals. No long-term commitments.


We usually meet 1 Wednesday evening and 1 Saturday morning. A summary page with replays will always be there for you if you need!

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