January 10

3 Tips to Show Up Big with Live Stream in 2021 – EP001

Live stream video is a hot topic this year. Entrepreneurs are exploring new and exciting ways to engage with their audience and creative media such as videos, podcasts, art – these are all forms of expression that can humanize your brand.

And connecting on a human level is critical now more than ever, with all that happened in 2020. Quarantines and politics created gaps in what used to be ‘normal’, civil conversations. I find myself even more inclined now to examine the person behind a brand before I pull out the debit card.

In my humble opinion, live stream video can bring you big wins if you want the quickest path to creating a relationship and nurturing your audience.[bctt tweet=”Live stream video can bring you big wins if you want the quickest path to creating a relationship and nurturing your audience.” username=”getnoticedvideo”]

But how can you stand out with on-camera and live stream video when so many people are storming the field?

Let’s talk through three ways you can build your brand with live stream video.

1. Engage your audience with live stream video

I’ve found engagement and interaction to be one of the best ways you can increase your viewership. By engaging with your audience members in your live stream, you can quickly build community while you acknowledge viewers as people, not just numbers.

When you connect on a personal level, it makes your live stream feel more like a two-way conversation which can also increase your likeability. People buy from those they like.

Some live stream hosts choose to only deliver the information and nothing else, but I’ve found that when I tried this, it was a missed opportunity to connect with the audience.

Depending on your brand and what you offer, excessive interaction may take away from your pitch, however, I think it’s worth a trial to test your audience and see just how much engagement works for you.

An article by Chris Thompson at fanbridge.com said, “Treat engagement online like a conversation in real life. There have to be two sides for it to work. Make sure you respond to your audience on your various social media pages, and you will see a vast improvement across all of your platforms.”

When you connect in your live stream video human-to-human, you’re building more intimate relationships with your viewers. When they feel that connection, they will be more likely to seek out more of an experience with you in both your fee and free offers.

Engagement can be as simple as encouraging viewers to comment and ask questions. Give them something to respond to that does not require too much thought, as your live stream will generally move pretty quickly and you don’t want to lose focus on your content.

2: Be consistent with live stream video

Consistency is also important when you want to show up big in live stream video. If one of your goals for video is to increase your brand recognition and to build incredible connections, going live at least once a week will help you stay top of mind and more visible with your audience.

Choose a consistent day and time to go live [https://www.dacast.com/why-dacast-to-broadcast-live/], and stick to that for a period of time. This gives your fans a way to schedule you in on their calendars and it increases the chance that they will return.

As part of that consistency plan, always start your live stream [https://www.dacast.com/live-streaming-pricing-plans/] video on time. I try to log in to my streaming dashboard at least 15 to 20 minutes before a scheduled broadcast time. This gives time to test equipment, to make final edits and give you a sense of calm before being in front of the viewers.

And always promote your next live stream event at the end of your current one so your fans have affirmation that you are coming back to deliver more of your awesome content on live stream video in a few days, or the next week.

3: Have a plan for live stream video

When you head out the door, get in your car, and pull out of the garage, do you do it without having a destination in mind? Probably not! So why would you jump on camera without knowing where you want the conversation to land?

This particular tip could be the most effective way for you to show up big for live streaming video in 2021.

Planning starts when you consider your topic. Do your homework, ask your community, and do a search for ideas that are similar to what you are thinking about sharing.

Sometimes we come up with boring ideas – I’ll be the first to admit – that’s why it’s important to check outside of your own self to ensure that what you will talk about hits a pain point or question your viewers care about. If you don’t do this, you risk them leaving and not coming back.

Planning can also involve other tasks like deciding the flow of your live stream, brainstorming engaging questions, and setting up your call to action (CTA).

A lot of time can be saved when you adopt systems for live stream video, which is where I am brilliant. If you need help in doing this, reach out and connect.

In Closing

If you want to increase your visibility through regular live streaming, it can be beneficial for your business in so many ways. Besides increasing brand awareness, it can drive more people to your paid offers.

The tips I’ve shared can help you get more viewers on your live streams. Create a habit this year by doing more live stream video and measure your results as you go.

Remember, the most important thing you can do while live streaming is to have a plan in mind. Consider what you want to accomplish so you know what to say, how to engage your audience, and how to make improvements for the next time.

About the author 

Tanya Smith

Video Marketing Coach Tanya Smith works with coaches, course creators & other service providers equipping them to ‘embrace their face’ on video so they can stand out online, serve more people, and sell more of their services. Watch weekly on YouTube and Facebook as she shares strategies & tools to empower her audience to stream like a boss!

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