5 Keys to Profitable Video Content for Facebook Live

Anybody can create a video but not everybody does it with purpose and with an end result of being more profitable in mind.

In this episode, I’m sharing my 5E formula for content – these are the keys to defining what the focus of your content will be for your Facebook Live video and other social media posts. 

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When creating content that aligns with your brand, it’s critical to do it with purpose and to keep in mind, your goal as a business owner should be to get RESULTS, not just to post content. Without thinking through what you are sharing, you risk losing relevance in the eyes of the people most likely to buy.

That’s why I came up with the 5Es. These are intention objectives for each piece of social media content you create.

In the video, I’ll walk through example of each, but here’s a short summary of what they are about.

The 5Es of Profitable Social Media Content

Encourage – this is content designed to motivate and uplift spirits. Think of various quotes related to your topic. It’s focused on phrases or statements of truth that would move someone to feel inspired.

Entertain – entertaining posts include content that showcases your talent in a creative way that makes people feel some type of way – cry, laugh, get excited, show fear, feel good, etc. This might show up as comedy, music, or some other expression.

Educate – probably one of the most common ways that service providers create content, educational posts are a great way to explain a process, show a system, teach a new thought or share knowledge about a topic.

Engage – usually this type of content comes in the form of questions to the viewing audience. Whenever I deliver my Tuesday live stream show, or ask questions in my group it’s about provoking thought and conversation. Engagement is one of the best forms of flattery online. It helps inspire trust and moves people to buy.

Elevate – in spite what you think, you probably are not tooting your own horn enough. It’s important for people to know what you are accomplishing, how you serve and what community impact you are making. This can be the catalyst for viewers to invest with you. Brand elevation is another important objective for your content that shouldn’t be overlooked

As you create social media posts, your strategy should include examining every piece for its purpose. Look at your content as a vehicle that’s driving your readers to some destination and don’t just create content for sake of having something be shared!

Make your content profitable for you and relevant for your audience.

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