3 Things to Prepare Ahead for Facebook Live Interviews

Learn what it takes to prepare for a LIVE Interview on Facebook (Facebook Live with 2+ People). In the next episode of Get Noticed with Video Live, I’ll share some practical strategies you can use when you are ready to interview others for your live stream.


  • 7:56 Why do interviews vs one-person streams?
  • 10:27 How to Choose Live Stream Interview Guests
  • 15:55 How to Set Up Live Stream Interviews
  • 23:43 Your Live Stream Interview Isn’t About You
  • 28:10 Invitation to the Let’s Go Live 5-Day Challenge
  • 31:25 Recap – 3 Prep Tips for Live Stream Interviews

Why do Interviews?

Interviews are great for Facebook Live because they allow you to offer more variety, plus it’s great to create wins for others. And frankly, interviewing someone with a great personality or passion can be a lot of fun!

From a business perspective, interviews offer you a chance to be in front of another entrepreneur’s audience and they get the same benefit.

How to Prepare

Invite people who complement, but don’t quite compete with your business. You want to bring in guests who can support some of the offers you already have and reinforce messages that you would share with your clients.

When your guest offers the same service this can be a little awkward. You don’t want to create a situation where you become resentful because you have competing services, especially if your fans decide to choose theirs over your own.

I prefer to interview guests who have knowledge in a niche or specialty area, like my friend Lavada Thompson who is the Facebook Ads Queen. We have fun and can be silly while still sharing valuable content.

Make it easy for your guests to participate. When you invite someone to participate in your video show, don’t make it so difficult. Being on-camera can be frightening for many people already so your job as host is to ensure they know exactly what to expect.

Send questions in advance, along with instructions on how to access the streaming platform you will use. If it’s pre-recorded (i.e. Zoom) tell them that so they understand you will be able to edit out mistakes. If it’s live, they need to be aware that all is ‘fair game’.

Set a time limit and communicate this to the guest in advance so they can prepare. One way to do this is by creating a calendar where they can select the date and time for your interview.

This resolves any possible back and forth (since we are all so busy these days). Personally I prefer to use Book Like a Boss (Get a trial using my affiliate link at: tanya.click/blab). This platform allows you to not only schedule the date, but also create sample questions and requests for the guest’s bio and headshot.

Finally, be sure you communicate and send reminders. Again, using a scheduling tool can help you do this but also think about the platform where you will host the interview. Is the guest preparing to share their screen? Do you want them to have the ability to share the interview with their own group?

Consider which platform(s) may be best suited to the interview style live stream.

When you choose to go live using the interview approach, leverage these ideas to get the maximum views and the best results while you build your credibility as an expert!

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