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5 Affirmations for More Confidence Doing Facebook Live

This week, I’d like to share a snippet of something that helped me grow as an entrepreneur over the years — affirmations.

Affirmation: written or spoken positive statements that, when consistently practiced, rewire our thoughts and beliefs (and therefore emotions)

These positive affirmations will help you get past your self-limitations and do more live video. They will help you develop a comfort level, expand your camera awareness, and solidify your commitment to do more livestreaming!

A shift in your mindset is sometimes all it takes.

A shift in your mindset is sometimes all it takes. These 5 affirmations can help you be more confident when you do live stream videos. Click To Tweet

Just like other areas of your life, positive affirmations can help you generate ideas and your inspiration will seem to flow naturally. My hope is that by you adopting these 5 statements will help you feel much more driven and passionate about going on camera.


  • 7:15 Why Mindset Matters for Video Marketing
  • 11:20 What is an Affirmation
  • 13:39 A Personal Take on Negative Thoughts
  • 19:33 5 Affirmations Explained
  • 30:10 How to Have Success with Affirmations

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Avid Wonder Woman collector, soccer mom, wife of a veteran, digital marketing nerd and content strategist. I live in the Dallas area. I enjoy teaching, coaching and creating incredible marketing wins for my clients using on-camera and live stream video.

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