Partnership Requests

Hi Friend!

I’m a big believer in collaboration and supporting one another’s success. Joint ventures, cross promotions, and affiliate arrangements are examples of how we can do this. I’m definitely interested in working with you if timing and fit make for a great match.

Because of the many number of requests I receive to do joint ventures, I set up this page so you understand my criteria and to see if we could work together.

Please understand that if I say no, it doesn’t mean you don’t have an amazing offer… it just might not be the best for where I am in my business or the needs of my audience. If I know of someone who could benefit from what you’re offering, I’d be happy to pass along the recommendation.

All the best,


Organizations and Professional Associations

I serve a certain number of charities each year and tithe part of my time and income from the business to these groups.  If you have a social good to support and you’d like me to consider, please send as many details as you can. I’m very thoughtful about these, and I will admit, budget-conscious as well.  If nothing else, I may support by passing the info on to my social network should it be a match.

Joint Venture Information

Please read my criteria. If it sounds like a match, contact us with a description of your project and how it addresses the following points:


Joint ventures must be win-win-win situations. That’s a win for you, a win for me, and a win for our mutual audience.


Please take a few minutes to learn about me and my target audience before you approach me as a partner. You can do this by checking out the blog, my programs, and my bio. Make sure that I’m not already offering something similar to what you deliver.

Note that I am not interested in multi-level marketing or network marketing opportunities.


My audience is heavily comprised of independent, service-focused internet marketers including consultants, coaches, business and freelance experts. They’re savvy, upbeat, and looking for great results. They demand high quality, great value, a transparent non-salesy message, and effective strategies they can put to use to improve their businesses.


You have a responsive list. For webinars, you can gather an audience. In order to engage the use of social media in the partnership, you should be a proficient user.


Your offer is professional, related to business and provides high value to my audience. “Everyone could use this” isn’t a strong enough offer. Explain to me how this will benefit my audience of entrepreneurs looking to operate their businesses more efficiently.


You use social media and online marketing tools responsibly (not overly promotional, no spamming). You have a well-matched following.


You have well written sales copy, a professional looking website, and an overall credible presentation. Understand that my reputation is at stake if I recommend my audience to something that is not presented credibly or professionally. The sales copy and website are key in this.


Like me, you’re service-oriented. Tell me about the expected impact of your offer and how it will positively impact other people’s lives and I’ll be very interested.

Important Note If You Want Me to Part Of Your Launch Or Promotion

I can’t guarantee that I can send out emails to my list to promote your project. My business manager and/or affiliate manager will assess if it has the “win” potential.

Social Networking, Blogs, and Endorsement Information

Many people send me content to retweet, blog about, or endorse.

Here are my guidelines:

  1. I won’t Tweet, blog, or write about a product or book I haven’t reviewed.
  2. If you want an endorsement, please contact with a description of your offer to see if it matches our interest level and schedule. No need to send books or digital products before contacting my support team.

Endorsements are not guaranteed!

Thanks for taking the effort to make sure it’s a big win all the way around!

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