April 21

Nobody’s Showing Up For My Livestreams – What Can I do?

Livestreaming is an exciting way to share your knowledge and to be of service as a coach. However, sometimes people just won’t show up, which is not only a downer but you wonder if you’ve done something wrong.

If you’re tired of being the only one in the “room” and need ideas on what you can do to attract more viewers, join me for tips on what to do. See you in the stream!

About the author 

Tanya Smith

Video Strategist & Business Coach Tanya Smith works with coaches and course creators to amplify their voice and ‘embrace their face’ on video so they can stand out online, serve more people, and sell more of their services. You’ll find Tanya every week on YouTube and Facebook sharing strategies & tools to empower her audience to 'stream like a boss’!

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