February 25

3 Must-Have Systems for Doing Awesome Facebook Live Videos EP007

So you’re ready to get started with creating videos using Facebook Live! 

That’s great! 

But before you go live for the first time, it’s vital to make sure you have the suitable systems and tools available at your disposal so that you can make the most out of every time you stream live content!

With that in mind, today, we’re looking at the three most important systems you’ll need for creating engaging, high-quality Facebook Live streams that your followers are practically guaranteed to watch, like, and share. 

System #1 – Your Accountability System

It’s great that you’ve decided to start creating live video streams! 

But if you want your streams to be successful in connecting with and stimulating engagement from your audience, you’ll need to ensure that you pick a date and time to get started, and you regularly commit to going live when you say you will. 

Much like those New Year’s resolutions, it’s usually easier to say you’ll start creating live streams than it is to do it. It’s simply too easy to say that you’ll start tomorrow or next week. 

But guess what! Tomorrow never comes! 

This is why it’s so crucial that you create a schedule and hold yourself accountable at all times! 

As part of your accountability system, I highly recommend that you ask a trusted friend to tune into your streams to provide you with a bit of constructive, not destructive, criticism. 

Lastly, I also recommend joining an online community, such as my Video VIPs group, where you can turn for encouragement and support along the way. 

You can also bounce ideas off of other community members, ask for advice, and join in conversations about topics that are relevant to you. 

System #2 – Your Content Creation System

Next, your content creation system is vital if you want to succeed with your Facebook Live videos. 

What I mean by a content creation system is the tools, resources, and third-party apps that you’ll use to help you create your live streams and broadcast your content onto the World Wide Web. 

I use a 3rd-party app called Streamyards, which allows me to set up a broadcasting time, capture my video feed, and broadcast it across multiple channels simultaneously. 

However, there are many platforms you can use, such as Facebook Live, IGTV, Vimeo, Twitch, and more! Unfortunately, most of the tools are more or less similar in what they have to offer. 

So it’s a good idea to browse around and find a streaming platform you like that offers the right tools and features to make the best videos for you or your brand. 

But once you’ve chosen a platform and have your content creation system in place, you can move on to putting your third and final system into place!

System #3 – Your Sharing And Distribution System

Finally, the 3rd and most important system you’ll need to have in place is your sharing and distribution system. 

After all, it’s not going to do you any good to stream live and then letting your video get buried by all the other content being posted to your newsfeed. 

I’m a huge advocate of recycling and repurposing content. 

So basically, every time I go live, I take my stream and turn it into several other types of content. For instance, my videos become a blog post, multiple social media posts, a pin for Pinterest, several short snippets for IGTV, and more! 

Having this type of sharing system in place is crucial because, rather than your stream being forgotten a day or two after you were live, your video will live on to engage and interact with your audience on multiple platforms and in numerous different ways. 

It’s great to have your video posted on platforms like Facebook or YouTube. But what happens if the platform gets shut down or you one day decide to delete your account? 

Your videos are gone! 

That’s why I always recommend you always download your live streams and save a backup copy to your hard drive rather than leaving it hosted on Facebook or Youtube. 

This way, you’ll be taking charge of the content you create, and you’ll be able to repurpose, share, edit, and do whatever you want with your video streams! 

Today, creating live video streams on Facebook or any other social media platform is one of the best ways to connect and engage your audience. 

However, to succeed at live streaming, you’ll need a few critical systems in place first!

So make sure to put your accountability system, content creation system, and sharing and distribution systems in place. 

And then, you’ll be able to sit back and know that you’re making the most out of every time you go live!

About the author 

Tanya Smith

Video Marketing Coach Tanya Smith works with coaches, course creators & other service providers equipping them to ‘embrace their face’ on video so they can stand out online, serve more people, and sell more of their services. Watch weekly on YouTube and Facebook as she shares strategies & tools to empower her audience to stream like a boss!

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