If you’re an introvert, or if you’re just not comfortable with all the video trends going on right now like the non-stop dancing, you may not want to bring those elements into your own videos. But you know that your videos must be entertaining – the last thing you want is for people to walk away because you’re coming across as too serious or too stiff.

So how can you be entertaining in your videos if you’re not very comfortable with trends or you’re not outgoing? Let’s look at my three tips for loosening up in your videos.

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1. Watch Other Videos

When you’re doing your research, find other relevant videos that have high numbers of likes and high engagement. As you watch them, make note of the ones that resonate with you so that you can adopt those elements for your own videos. Go ahead and make note of the things you don’t like, too, so that when it comes time to make your videos, you can choose to do things differently.

2. Use Media Creatively

Use music, images, and other media in your videos to help tell your stories. Find things that fit your brand personality in terms of imagery, sounds, fonts, and colors, and think of creative ways that you can implement these in your videos (without dancing to it – unless you want to).

3. You Do You – Be Your Authentic and Unique Self

Remember that you only have to be yourself. You do not have to try and be anyone else, even on video. 

When you embrace videos, you’ll share your message in a way that only you can speak it. Talking about what you know and doing so in your own style will allow you to come across authentically. But if you try to take on someone else’s style and it is not a natural fit, you will seem like you don’t fit in your own skin and your message will fall flat. Being fully yourself is the only way to truly loosen up. 

When trying to come up with ideas for your videos, ask yourself: What are other people doing that’s working, and is there some element of that which I see myself possibly adopting for my specific area of expertise? Will I be comfortable doing this?

Then, if you decide to try something new and it does not work out for you, remember that you do not have to keep doing it. Using videos to get your message out there should bring you joy, not be a chore.

And lastly, give yourself some grace. Being comfortable on camera takes practice, and you’ll get there in time. 

About the Author

Tanya Smith helps service providers use on-camera video to build an interactive brand that connects with their audience.  For more than a decade, she has been a noteworthy leader in content marketing. Her experience and perspectives have been featured in video, radio, print, and on stage as a guest speaker for national organizations and events.

When Tanya is not collecting Wonder Woman paraphernalia, you’ll find her sharing weekly strategies and apps to simplify video content on the blog, on Facebook Live and Youtube.

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