Live Guest Interview with LaTara Venise

We have a special guest interview with LaTara Venise that will replace our usual live stream this week on a special night – Tue, 9/20.

LaTara uses video Reels regularly on Instagram to stay top of mind for her audience. Let’s talk about how she got started and how things are going now!

Guest Bio: LaTara Venise is the CEO of the Color Your Soul Company, a personal and professional development company, with a focus on offering Kingdom-focused solutions, strategies, and structure to entrepreneurs ready to build, scale, and sustain thriving businesses.

About the Author

Tanya Smith helps service providers use on-camera video to build an interactive brand that connects with their audience.  For more than a decade, she has been a noteworthy leader in content marketing. Her experience and perspectives have been featured in video, radio, print, and on stage as a guest speaker for national organizations and events.

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