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5 Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Back From Doing More Video

Videos are a huge hit these days but our fears tend to hold us back from leveraging them for our business. With YouTube being the second largest search engine behind Google, and with Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram all promoting their livestream capabilities, millions of people are watching videos every single day.

Even the length of videos people are watching is increasing, which is great for you as a business owner. Sure, you’ll find some who think video or even livestreaming is a waste of time, or a few here and there that don’t think video is a good return on the time invested, but the fact is – video marketing works.

Let’s explore some of the biggest myths we service providers tend to have about video marketing and put these assumptions to rest.

Myth 1: You need a team and a bunch of expensive equipment to make an impact.

Nope. Because really all you need is a smartphone, some natural light, an internet connection, and an account or page to host your video (i.e. Facebook, anyone?) If you have this set of tools, you have the capabilities of putting video to work for you.

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Of course, you will need to do a little planning to be sure you’re making an intentional video, but you don’t have to have a crew or a big budget to start creating right now…today.

Myth 2: Video (especially livestreaming) is only for younger people.

Wrong again. My kids learned this quickly once they started seeing my colleagues and watched me build my own livestream schedule! I was like, “Hey, you don’t get to rule social media with your snaps and tik-toks. I’m on here too!”

The experts will tell you 77% of adult Americans own smartphones and 78% of adults ages 30-49 are regular Facebook users. Not only are adults using Facebook more frequently and seeing videos in their feeds but you have more tenured, more established servicepreneurs embracing video to expand their message on a diversity of platforms.

Myth 3: Video is only for well known brands.

False. If you have a camera and a message you too can do video! And no one else will speak the message in your voice and with your background. Big-name brands may have some advantages since they likely have a bigger social media budget and staff but that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage video for visibility in your business. It just might take a bit longer to grow your audience.  I can tell you from experience, consistency is key.

Myth 4: There’s no value in an old video.

False. Old videos are not meant to gather dust on your social sites. Repurpose those videos into new content for your audience. For instance, take a Facebook Live video and upload it to your YouTube channel. Optimize with keywords and you’ll get plenty of organic traffic. Or have that video transcribed and break it up into an autoresponder email course. Or gather multiple videos that have a recurring theme and bundle them together into a paid course. The possibilities are endless.

Myth 5: If you work hard enough, you can become an overnight success.

Typically this is false. Building an audience takes time, patience, and work on your behalf. You can’t just post one video and then hope to get millions of views. You need to keep producing interesting videos and interacting with your viewers. Establish those relationships and answer every question or comment people leave. When your viewers feel appreciated, they will tune in more frequently because they’ll see you as a cool friend.

Ready to add video to your marketing strategy? Do it the right way… and you won’t regret adding video to your plans.

You’ll reach so many more people at once than simply using your email list or publishing posts on social media.

Limiting Beliefs About Video

Tanya Smith

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Avid Wonder Woman collector, soccer mom, wife of a veteran, digital marketing nerd and content strategist. I live in the Dallas area. I enjoy teaching, coaching and creating incredible marketing wins for my clients using on-camera and live stream video.

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