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Are you a professional in your field who is successfully using video to build your brand?  Content creator, coach, or live streamer? We wanna know!

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About Stream Like a Boss TV

In each episode, we interview a service provider or other creative entrepreneurs with the aim of helping our audience discover how to make their business more successful.

Interviews will generally cover the following topics:

How you got started as an entrepreneur

Common roadblocks that our viewers can relate to

Best sales & marketing strategies using video

How to attract the right audience to grow your clientele

Any “aha!” moments you experienced

Your favorite video channel, podcast, business book, or blog

Our audience consists of people just like you, out there looking for proven strategies and tactics they can implement to thrive in their own businesses.

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 the process 

How We Work

Our show is LIVE and we're converting the recording into a video podcast. Barring any hiccups, we plan to share the produced episode on our Youtube channel as well as on podcasting platforms ( like Spotify, etc…)

For the best sound quality, please be sitting in a quiet place and have either an external mic that plugs into your computer, or have a headset with a built in microphone.

Meet Your Host

Tanya Smith

Video Strategist & Business Coach Tanya Smith works with coaches and course creators to amplify their voice and ‘embrace their face’ on video so they can stand out online, serve more people, and sell more of their services.

You’ll find Tanya every week on YouTube and Facebook sharing strategies & tools to empower her audience to 'stream like a boss’!


Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What's involved?

The first step is registration. This is a short form where you will share info about your business, your online presence, and your current technical setup. You will also select a tentative date and time. This helps us populate your bio and other relevant details for the stream.

Since this show is live, it's important we confirm you are a match for our audience. If we haven't already met, once the application is reviewed and approved, either I or my team will confirm your selected date & time to do the live stream interview.

Note: Our decision on whether to accept the application or not will be final.

Can I promote my own services/products?

While we try to avoid direct product promotion during the interview, Tanya will definitely ask you the name of your company, what you sell, the URL of your site, etc…

When will the interview go live?

The live stream will be based on the date you choose and if you are unable to make this time, it's important to communicate in advance as we are alerting our audience that you're coming and you'll be there in-person. While we typically go for about 30 minutes, it can last up to an hour with Q&A. A recording of the full interview is generally ready within 2 weeks of the live interview and published to our blog.

Who is the audience?

The show has an audience comprised of a mix of coaches in various niches - e.g. health/wellness, financial, career and spiritual, along with course creators, digital marketers, and other aspiring entrepreneurs.