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How to Deal with Difficult People in a Live Stream EP023

No matter what type of online business you run, you’ve most certainly heard of the dreaded internet troll, a particular type of individual who scans the internet seeking group chats and conversations where they can spread hate and ignorance.

Sometimes, these people do it for fun, to get a rise out of business owners, and other times, they’ll do it just because they like being mean and disruptive.

Whatever their motives, if you work in any online space, there’s a good chance that you either have or will one day run into an issue with such a problematic individual.

Therefore, it’s crucial to have a plan and know how to act appropriately when an internet troll tries to throw a monkey wrench into your next live stream.

Below, we’re taking a look at three crucial tips on how to deal with difficult people while streaming live.

Expect The Unexpected

When planning a live stream, it’s essential to understand that nothing is perfect, and your stream won’t be perfect either.

You need to understand that you might make mistakes, you might stumble, and you might end up embarrassing yourself in front of your followers.

But you also need to understand that it’s OK!

There will often be one or two bad apples watching you who catch your mistake and try poking fun at you for it.

But when you go into your streams with the mindset that mistakes will happen, and when you try to learn from those mistakes, you’ll be less likely to let the negative opinions of another impact the way you feel about yourself, your brand, and your live videos.

Know Your Dashboard

There are many streaming tools out there.

So, no matter what, whether you’re using Restream, StreamYard, or any other live stream platform, it’s crucial to know your dashboard and understand the tools you have at your disposal to help you deal with trolls and negative individuals.  

For instance, some platforms might allow you to display a chat overlay while you’re streaming, where you and your followers can see what other people are commenting in real-time.

When you use features like this, it is less likely that people will act rudely or be disruptive while broadcasting.

Alternatively, it would help if you also learned how to block, mute, or hide people from your streams, which will allow you to act quickly and appropriately when a troll tries to attack you or your business.

Don’t Feed The Trolls

Lastly, no matter how we look at it, some people will be rude, mean, or ugly. Therefore, the most crucial piece of advice I can give you is not to feed the trolls!

When someone is rude to you, it can be hard not to take offence and take things to heart.

Rather than reacting emotionally and arguing with mean people, it’s much better to block, mute, or hide these nasty individuals from your feed and get on with your day.

When you react emotionally, you fall into their trap!

But when you disregard nasty or mean comments, trolls become powerless, and there’s nothing more they can do.

You can build the most supportive and engaging online communities imaginable, but there’s always going to be people who are mean and nasty.

However, when you have the right plan in place, when you expect the unexpected, know what tools you have at your disposal, and avoid feeding the trolls, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on creating live streams that your audience will love, and you’ll feel great about broadcasting!

About the author 

Tanya Smith

Video Marketing Coach Tanya Smith works with coaches, course creators & other service providers equipping them to ‘embrace their face’ on video so they can stand out online, serve more people, and sell more of their services. Watch weekly on YouTube and Facebook as she shares strategies & tools to empower her audience to stream like a boss!

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