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Still Struggling to Get Your Business the Visibility You Work So Hard For? I Can Help

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Elevate Your Brand with Stream Bosses Academy

It's Time for You to Dominate Your Niche & Finally Get Noticed!

What I hear most from entrepreneurs in my audience is that the online marketplace is 'too saturated' and they can't find a way to stand out.  They know getting on camera is scary, but they also know VIDEO WORKS. It's literally everywhere, it gets attention, and you can't ignore it any longer.

We have been touted all kinds of reasons to fail - gender, size, race, age - but we have a ton of experience to offer the world. Should we just give up? I say NO. You too can find your voice with video!

I won't lie. The struggle is REAL! It takes time, it takes strategy, and it's not easy...but it's worth it.

Why I Created Stream Bosses Academy

I've found that after years of doing the social media grind, live streaming regularly helped me refocus my business and attract an audience I love.  Through live streaming, I was able to create engaging conversations and experiences simply by getting my face on camera and talking about what I know!

I discovered the secret to success in marketing is being a part of an informed COMMUNITY.

black women talking

As a Service Provider, we tend to focus on nurturing everyone else to help them get results. We often work alone and while we help others get ahead, we neglect our own brand and fall behind in growing our business. 

We need to keep the sales pipeline moving to reach more people and generate recurring income. We recognize that people do business with those they feel like they know and trust.

While we may see the power of using video to build that trust --- Facebook Live, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts --

The reality is... it's hard for most service businesses to keep up. 

In order to get our businesses noticed, we have to:

  • Create a never ending flow of content from 1 video to stay top of mind 24/7
  • Keep up with the latest video technology and trends
  • Stay at the top of your peers (some call them competition) in a crowded market
  • Balance work and personal life while running your business
  • Find the right balance between authenticity and professionalism in your videos

This can be hard to do alone.

People return every week to watch my live stream the past several years and to learn how I stay always present in the digital space, but they are also there looking for a deeper connection, more support, and access to resources to grow faster. 

That's why I created Stream Bosses Academy - a supportive community to help service providers like me get shortcuts to using live stream marketing so you can grow your audience and build your brand credibility, with greater ease and encouragement.

What Do You Get With Stream Bosses Academy?

Monthly Training Calls

We meet once a month for informational, on-trend video training. Our current library boasts over 150 hours of learning!

Creator Co-working Days

Twice a month we host a Creator Day &  our 'suites' give you space to work on video content in a supportive, collaborative space.

Marketing Tools

Need templates? We got 'em. How about recommended gear & apps? Got that too. We help you simplify your video strategy.

Private Dashboard

We use a mobile-friendly app called that hosts our events calendar, along with replays and other resources. (Also on desktop)

Discussion Threads

Our community chats and discussion threads are fun and insightful. Join in or ask your own questions; share ideas!

Monthly Challenge

Each month, you have access to participate in a challenge so that you can earn rewards on completion. Engage & grow.

Accelerator Masterclasses & Bootcamps

These programs are intended to take you from beginner all the way through to complete mastery of video with no stone left unturned. They are interactive cohorts that run right now in a 3 to 4 hour bootcamp. If you can't attend virtually, every session is recorded and on-demand so you can learn at your own pace on your own schedule. ⭐ Available as a one-time purchase, or included in the Accelerator and Inner Circle Membership tiers.

live stream to leads


Live Stream to Leads

Module One

storytelling with video


Storytelling with Live Video

Module Two

repurpose your videos


Repurpose Your Videos

Module Three

Group Training & Co-working Sessions

Elevate your thinking with Group Training & Creator Day Sessions.  Achieving your goals is way easier when you have support and encouragement from like-minded individuals who are on the same path as you.

The community experience will challenge you to think bigger, discover areas for growth, and help you stay accountable for taking action on your goals. With the collective wisdom & support of this group, you'll have a powerful resource to help you progress and achieve success with video much faster than you would alone.

*NEW* 24/7 Access to Our Co-working Suites

As a visionary entrepreneur, you should know that interactive content such as live streaming is the key to becoming visible and standing out from the crowd. That's why we've created a unique and empowering environment that caters to your needs, providing you with the perfect blend of professional resources and supportive community.

But as many of us are swamped with life's demands and we live all over the world, it becomes harder to come together in a physical space for support.  That's why we now offer a one-of-a-kind virtual office experience, tailored to help you flourish in the world live streaming.  

We'll offer these collaborative spaces for members to brainstorm video content, write scripts, and discover topic-specific training.

What People Say About Working with Tanya

Choose from These Membership Tiers

All levels include full access to Training Day & Creator Days, plus a range of other learning resources!



$65 /month

Discover the latest video trends & solutions and learn how to implement them to elevate your online presence with the Pro Tier. 

Get full access to monthly training and co-working dates, priority access to our exclusive community, and a 20% discount on coaching calls. All sessions are recorded and organized in an exclusive dashboard.






$97 /month

If you're ready to take your skills to the next level, this tier is the perfect fit. You'll get everything in the Pro Tier, plus guaranteed access to all Accelerator courses. 

With a 30% discount on coaching calls, you'll get personalized support to help you achieve your goals when you need it, access to replays and our community dashboard.







Join the inner circle. Elevate your skills and connections with the Inner Circle Tier. Get everything in the previous tiers, plus a monthly 1-to-1 strategy session with Tanya, mastermind calls & a 30% discount on additional coaching sessions.

In the mastermind group, you'll get advanced support from Tanya and your peers, exclusive access to Accelerator course & networking.




Which Tier Offers Best Value for YOU?

If you'd like to have a chat to learn more about the academy and which program best suits your needs, feel free to book a call with me. We can discuss your goals, how I can help you achieve them, and which tier is right for you!

What Members Say About Stream Bosses Academy

Our Membership Packages

The Academy was established almost 2 years ago and we have had great success in helping members leverage video consistently. I've been intentional about creating a space where anyone can learn to use video at your pace and comfort-level. No long-term commitments. Cancel any time!

Discussion Groups & a Highly Supportive Community

We are so much better together! I designed this program to ensure you never feel alone as you learn how to use video content to boost your brand and grow your online presence. Be a part of our amazing support system inside Stream Bosses Academy, join discussions, share resources, & network.

More Than 200 Hours of Recorded Training

Having this membership academy active for so long, we now have a robust library of training, lead by Tanya and even guest facilitators. The dashboard houses all of our replays since 2021, along with webinars, worksheets, and quick access to our Events calendar so you never miss a call.

Are You Ready To Become Member of Our Exclusive Online Community So You Can Uplevel Your Video Skills?

Whether you're a beginner or advanced learner, entrepreneur, coach, or content creator, we'll help you take your video content skills to the next level so you can stand out in the digital world.  Click the button below to choose the membership tier that's right for you!

Enjoy the Benefit of Personal Guidance & An Engaged, Supportive Community

Are you ready to take your video skills to the next level?  Our membership tiers are designed to help you flourish. Some tiers have a personal coaching option which, in my opinion, is the fastest track to success.

My private coaching & consulting is tailored to your unique business needs, goals, and learning style and it's the quickest way to personalized results.  And the community is amazing. We encourage each other, exchange resources, and push through tough moments.

Either tier you choose, my goal  is to provide you with options so you have a clear path and the real-time support you need to break through obstacles so you achieve success beyond what you thought was possible.

The thing that makes group & private coaching priceless is getting answers to the questions you never would have known to ask. I look forward to sharing this brand-boosting, growth experience with you!   
~ Tanya Smith, Video Strategist

video coaching with tanya smith