3 Time-Saving Content Hacks for Video Creation

Video marketing is easily one of the best ways to get your products and services out to multiple people in different locations simultaneously. Now, even though this is the case, there is a factor to be considered important when creating videos…


So here’s a question for you to ponder, “What would you create if you had more time to do video marketing?”

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It seems like such a trivial question, however, after studying this topic I have found that one of the top 5 challenges for most people who want to do more videos is time. Today’s post will be centered on certain hacks, shortcuts or tips designed to help you get time back, as you do more videos.

Now, before we delve into the 3 content hacks for saving time when making videos, I thought it would be a good idea to share my Thursday routine with you. I hear a lot of people complaining about not having the time to make videos and I completely get it. Basically, Thursday is the day I live stream, so my day usually starts this way;

  • I wake up 5am in the morning, which gives me some time to either meditate, read the bible or exercise
  • By 6am, I help my kids get ready for school & quickly check my emails, social media posts and anything online. I get ready and go to work.
  • By 4.30pm, I’m back from work and make sure there’s food available for the kids, I check my equipments, lights, background to make it’s set up for my live stream
  • By 5.30pm, I join you guys for my weekly live stream. I jump off by 6.15pm, because I need to take my kid to soccer practice
  • Between 6.30pm- 8.30pm, I respond to a lot of comments on social media, while she’s at practice
  • By 9pm, I help out with my kid’s school work, get back on the computer and get to work. I respond to emails, chats and even calls
  • By 11pm, I finally take a shower and go to bed

Now, the reason for this run down of my schedule on Thursdays every week, is to show you that I try to make out the time to come on my live stream, because it’s a commitment. If you think about it, we all have the same time every day (1,440 mins.), however, what you choose to give your time to will be fruitful.

So, the question is, What are you choosing to give your time to every single day? What buckets are you choosing to fill up daily that is both profitable & not overwhelming?

While you’re thinking about that, I’d like to share with you my 3 practical tips for saving time while creating video content;

Tip 1: Schedule Your Content In Advance

The first thing you should understand about scheduling content is that it is unrealistic to have a bunch of videos lined up for 90 days. I know there are a lot of videos online that promise you can do that, however, you might crash in the process. Instead, you need to get your ideas in order and there are 2 different tools you can use to do that;

  • Using Collaboration Tools For Organizing Like Trello: Trello is one of the tools I use to schedule my video content ideas on different boards. That way, I can alter them whenever I want to. For instance, if there’s a new trend, theme or time I want to work with, I can quickly switch it up.
  • Another Option Is Ever Note. Ever Note allows you create different notebooks of your ideas for the year, plus you get easy access to different articles and quotes related to your content of choice. So, I create a notebook of ideas as the year progresses. Also, Ever Note offers an electronic notebook you can access on your phone.

Tip 2: Outsource More Of Your Work

Outsourcing your work is a great way to create time for more videos. Now, one of the most time consuming aspects of making videos is the editing. Especially, if you’re creating professional videos for platforms like YouTube, you need assistance to be consistent. A good site to get professional help online, regardless of your location is Fiverr. Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can pay for a lot of services. Also, what’s great about it is the fact that they have a category for Video & Editing, explainer videos, etc. Hence, while you mastermind the ideas and create a “draft video,” you can get assistance with editing.
A second platform you could try is Upwork. Akin to Fiverr, it is an online creative space full of professionals, who you can outsource to. All you need to do is type in what service you need, and a lineup of professionals offering that specific service will show up.

If you’re wondering how you can get a good service provider on Fiverr or Upwork, here’s what I usually do:

  • I make sure I look out for ratings. 5 stars definitely mean a service provider offers excellent services..
  • I check the comments. Don’t stop at just the ratings, check the written comments. A lot of buyer’s will most likely leave a brief on their experience.
  • I take into consideration the number of people who have rated them positively. For instance, I’ll most likely purchase the services of a seller with over 50 ratings compared to one with 10.

It’s always important to carry out a bit of a research on any of these platforms before you decide to make a purchase. That way, you are assured of excellent services always.

Tip 3: Create Repeatable Systems

The final practical tip to help you save time while creating videos is to create systems that you can commit to. A good example is how my Thursdays go every week as I have mentioned before. At 11.00- 11.30pm when I’m taking a bath and getting ready for bed, I am mostly drained. However, I have told myself that I would live stream every Thursday and it is doable, so I get it done. It is important for you to create a system that you can adhere to, as it allows you to be consistent. Without consistency, there will be no growth in your audience, even if you post videos of relevant/ trendy topics.

My Experience

When I first started live streaming, I tried putting out 2 videos a week, but after missing it a couple of times, I told myself I couldn’t. Now, some people might think this doesn’t signify growth, however the reverse is the case. Since I settled on prepping for one video weekly, I am a lot more focused and energized for Thursday and it has helped me grow my audience from 1200 to 1900. Also, I have been contacted for paid gigs, engagements and speaking events.
Essentially, what I’m trying to say is that with consistency, you can excel in ways you can’t imagine.

Software You Can Try

There’s a software called Process Street that I use to help me stay consistent. I use this to document my entire live stream process; choosing topics, preparation videos, setting reminders, promoting videos, setting script, recording & publishing on social media. With this tool, even on days when I don’t really feel like making a live stream video, this system helps me get it done.

Mindmapping, is also, a good tool for creating a system of your ideas. All you need to do is create a specific idea and keep branching out all of the key processes involved in actualizing it. Basically, get a tool that helps you create a system that you can commit to, and you’ll be effortlessly consistent all the time.

So there you have it, 3 practical tips you can use to save time for creating more videos and remaining consistent. Stick to these tips and I guarantee you’ll see an improvement in your time management.

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