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3 Best Live Streaming Apps Right Now for Beginners

In this episode of Get Noticed with Video Live, we’ll talk about the 3 best apps for doing live video on Facebook (or Youtube Live) without a ton of experience.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that’s out there but I will make this super simple.
We’ll talk about my 3 most recommended apps and why you should consider choosing one of these when you are first getting started with live streaming.
*Note: There is a sound glitch around 11:4313:00 mins and you won’t be able to hear me. Not sure what happened but I’d encourage you to skip through that part to get to the good stuff.
Here's why you need to keep things simple as a newbie to live streaming and the top 3 apps to use for getting started. Click To Tweet


  • 8:05 Importance of Choosing Simple Streaming Apps Starting Out
  • 14:00 Why Service Providers Should Keep Their Main Thing the Main Thing
  • 15:28 Pros & Cons of Native Facebook Live
  • 18:05 Pros & Cons When Using Zoom to Stream to Facebook Live
  • 26:12 Pros & Cons of Using Streamyard as a Newbie


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best live streaming apps for beginners

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