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Tanya’s Top 5 Trends for 2021 Video Content Marketing

Let’s review the latest in video content updates and I’ll share my top 5 trends for 2021 related to video content marketing. A lot has gone on this year in the video space, including some recent developments in platforms, elimination of apps (Periscope) and new features.

Let’s talk about some of these & I’ll answer your live stream and on-camera video questions to get ready for the new year if you leave them in the comments.


12:37 Periscope TV Is Shutting Down
17:39 Zoom Is Expanding Their Usefulness
26:35 How Service Providers Can Leverage Video
28:55 Trend 1: New Video Centric Technology
29:40 Trend 2: More Educational How-To Videos
32:09 Trend 3: Think Social & Mobile First Video
37:05 Trend 4: Use Video in Your Entire Sales Process
40:36 Trend 5: More Ways to Repurpose Your Video Content

Tanya Smith

About Tanya Smith

Avid Wonder Woman collector, soccer mom, wife of a veteran, digital marketing nerd and content strategist. I live in the Dallas area. I enjoy teaching, coaching and creating incredible marketing wins for my clients using on-camera and live stream video.

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